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F -11 • <br />An inventory of property control items will be conducted at least annually by the <br />custodians (Department Heads), at the direction of the Administrative Services <br />Director. A report of this inventory will be prepared by the Administrative Services <br />Director and submitted to the City Manager. The Administrative Services Director will <br />specifically report any material discrepancies (such as missing items) arising from these <br />inventories, and recommend appropriate action in each case. The City Manager will in <br />turn advise the City Council on the completion of each inventory and of any specific <br />items deemed appropriate including the identification of any theft or missing property. <br />In the event any item of value greater than $5000 is missing as a result of <br />misappropriation or other illegal activity, or without adequate explanation, the City <br />Council will be so informed. <br />DISPOSAL <br />Property and equipment being removed from City Service by Departments will be <br />turned over to the Administrative Services Director (Warehouse Manager), who will <br />arrange for proper disposal and removal from the property control system. City <br />property shall be disposed of in a manner that results in the greatest financial <br />advantage to the City. For items of relatively significant value, this usually means a • <br />competitive bid process. For items of no value, this usually means least -cost disposal. <br />Donations made by the City must be approved by the City Council and whenever <br />possible, local charities and homeowners associations will be given first choice. The <br />City Manager has the authority to waive Council approval for surplus property <br />donation based on recommendation by the Administrative Services Director if the <br />estimated total value of the surplus property is less than $2500 and if he deems the <br />donation is in the best interest of the City. Specific procedures for disposal of property <br />are contained in the City's Property Control Procedures. <br />Controlled Property procured with City funds and authorized for use off -site by <br />designated individuals must be returned to the City Manager or Administrative <br />Services Director in the event of retirement, termination or reassignment, or purchased <br />from the City at the current value of the equipment. <br />Adopted - January 24,1994 <br />Corrected - February 26, 1996 <br />Amended - August 12,1996 <br />Amended - April 23, 2002 <br />Amended - April 13, 2004 <br />2 •