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F -13 <br />DISTRIBUTION OF PUBLIC INFORMATION IN MUNICIPAL SERVICES <br />STATEMENTS AND BUSINESS LICENSE RENEWALS <br />PURPOSE <br />The purpose of this Policy is to establish guidelines for the distribution of written <br />materials with the Municipal Services Statement and Business License Tax Renewal <br />forms. <br />Periodically, material is distributed to residents through the Municipal Services <br />Statement and Business License Renewal form. This material shall be approved by the <br />Administrative Services Director using the guidelines below as criteria for approval. <br />Material not completely consistent with the guidelines below will not be distributed <br />with Municipal Services Statements or Business License Tax Renewal forms without <br />specific Council authorization. All costs associated with the inclusion of such material <br />must be paid by the department submitting the request for inclusion. <br />Mailing may include the following: <br />A. Notification of schedules or procedures affecting City services. <br />B. Information on the availability and scope of City services and facilities. <br />C. Information concerning the functions and responsibilities of City departments <br />and financial aspects of City operations. <br />D. Information on municipal projects or future programs where a reaction from the <br />community, business, or a neighborhood is desired. <br />E. Information on recommended courses of action to protect the public or property <br />from fire, theft, damage, and related hazards. <br />F. Other materials which are designed to keep the public informed on the activities <br />of its government. <br />Mailings shall not contain information of a commercial nature, or from commercial <br />entity. <br />With the approval of the City Manager, information from community based, non- <br />commercial organizations may be included in the Municipal Services Statement and <br />Business License Renewal. The primary purpose of any such material should be to <br />provide information of a public service nature. The material must not contain direct <br />solicitation for contributions or promotions of events whose primary purpose is fund <br />raising (such as $200 per plate dinners). However, announcements of other events are <br />generally appropriate, even if a nominal fee or "bake sale' type activity is an incidental <br />41 1