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VOICE -MAIL GENERAL POLICY <br />PURPOSE <br />F -19 <br />To establish procedures for City departments and individual employees using <br />electronic voice -mail to answer incoming telephone calls. <br />BACKGROUND <br />As a service organization, the City must be responsive to the needs and requests of its <br />residents and customers. The telephone is often the first, and sometimes the only <br />contact members of the public have with the City. It is important that telephone <br />inquiries be handled promptly and courteously by City staff. However, the City of <br />Newport Beach is striving to increase its effectiveness to accommodate ever - increasing <br />service demands with fewer City employees. Voice -mail and automated telephony <br />applications can increase efficiency and effectiveness by eliminating "telephone tag," <br />busy signals and unanswered lines, and can provide speedier delivery of routine <br />information. <br />Unfortunately, sometimes voice -mail can be impersonal, and at times frustrating for the <br />caller, especially if the system has long complicated messages and unending loops. This <br />policy sets forth the procedures and guidelines to avoid these common voice -mail <br />problems. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />A. Voice -Mail. An electronic system to receive, send, transfer or store telephone <br />calls using individual "mail boxes" for each employee or department. <br />B. Automated Attendant. An automated voice mail application that routes call to <br />personnel within a department or provides scripted information in the absence <br />of a staffed receptionist position. <br />C. Interactive Voice Response (IVR). An integrated computer controlled, <br />unattended voice application capable of providing valuable information based <br />on caller input 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Types of information <br />currently available include checking plan check status, scheduling permit <br />inspections, and paying bills and fees using a credit card. <br />1