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F -19 • <br />D. Automated Citizens Information System. An unattended IVR based telephony <br />application designed to provide primarily static information to callers as well as <br />to staff members. Pre - recorded information includes answers to most frequently <br />asked questions (FAQ's) and offers FAX back on demand functionality. <br />GUIDELINES <br />Use of the voice -mail system by City employees shall be governed by the following <br />guidelines: <br />A. Most City department and division general telephone lines should be answered <br />by a receptionist during City business hours. <br />Only under unusual circumstances shall these lines be routed through the voice - <br />mail auto attendant application. If the assigned receptionist is unavailable at any <br />time during City operating hours, the department shall make an effort to assign a <br />back -up receptionist to answer incoming calls. In the event that this is not <br />possible, calls may be routed to the voice -mail auto attendant application. The <br />application will route callers to the appropriate person and will further provide <br />an option for the caller to be directed to a live answering person by selecting "0 ". • <br />All exceptions to this policy shall be approved by the City Manager or <br />Department Head prior to implementation. Exceptions to this policy are the <br />following: <br />1. ACIS. The Automated Citizens Information System provides unattended <br />pre- recorded information 24x7 and is updated when necessary by the <br />Telecommunications Division and /or the responsible Department or <br />Division. <br />2. IVR. The Interactive Voice Response system provides unattended access <br />to applications such as plan check and permits status, inspection <br />scheduling, account balances, and facilitates credit card payments for fees <br />and services. <br />B. Calls transferred to or made directly to an employee's direct phone line shall be <br />answered promptly, if at all possible. <br />Employees shall attempt to answer phone calls as they arrive and shall not use <br />voice -mail to screen calls. Employees otherwise engaged in meetings or priority • <br />2