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F-21 <br />DESIGNATED ASSIGNMENT OF UNASSIGNED CITY HALL VEHICLES <br />DEFINITION <br />An unassigned City Hall vehide is a sedan or other vehicle which is used by the City <br />during working hours as a departmental pool vehicle. <br />PURPOSE <br />The City Council has selected the following as a method for contributing to deaner air <br />and reduced parking demand in the immediate City Hall vicinity. <br />POLICY <br />The City will periodically identify and make available certain unassigned departmental <br />pool vehicles to individual City employees to be used, on a restricted basis, solely for <br />the purpose of commuting to and from work. <br />The method of determining who will be selected for this privilege will be made on the <br />basis of the following factors: <br />A.The distance between the employee’s home and City Hall. <br />B.The number of employees an employee can arrange into a car pool. <br />C.The driving record of the employee. <br />D.The employees seniority with the City. <br />PROCEDURE FOR SELECTION <br />The City will post an announcement within the City Hall facilities located at <br />3300 Newport Boulevard advising employees of a vehicle’s availability, Employees <br />interested in using this vehicle for the above stated purpose shall bid for its assignment. <br />The elements of the bid should include the exact distance the employee’s home is from <br />City Hall and the names of the employees who will be included in the daily car pool <br />The City’s representative will consider the bids submitted and will select the employees <br />with good driving records who can organize the largest pool that lives closest to City <br />1