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E <br />F -22 <br />EMPLOYEE OF THE YEAR <br />THE DOROTHY PALEN AWARD) <br />To establish the award criteria and selection process for the Dorothy Palen or City <br />Employee of the Year award. <br />BACKGROUND <br />Dorothy Palen retired from the City of Newport Beach Finance Department in 1993, <br />after 47 years of dedicated service. Every year since her retirement, a Newport Beach <br />City employee who best exemplifies the characteristics of Dorothy Palen has been <br />selected as the Employee of the Year. This City Council policy specifies the award <br />criteria and selection process to insure a deserving employee is selected as the <br />Employee of the Year. <br />PROCEDURE <br />A. Each year, all City employees will have an opportunity to submit a nomination <br />to the Human Resources Director for Employee of the Year. All nominations <br />must include a brief justification describing how the nominee specifically meets <br />the established award criteria on a form available from the Human Resources <br />Department. <br />B. A Committee composed of the Human Resources Director, two Department <br />Directors, and two other employees selected by the City Manager, will review <br />the nominations and narrow the field of candidates to five employees. The <br />committee shall specify the reasons for its recommendations. <br />C. The names, of the finalists with a written justification for selection shall be <br />presented to the City's senior management staff for final selection. <br />D. The selected employee shall be recognized at the annual Employee Awards <br />Breakfast. The employee will be presented a plaque commemorating his /her <br />recognition as Employee of the Year. A press release will be initiated which <br />describes the award and honors the selected employee. <br />E. To be nominated for the award, the recommended employee should be a role <br />model for all City employees. The Award Committee's evaluation will be based <br />upon work performed and /or organizational contributions made during the <br />current calendar year. <br />0 1