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USE OF CITY TELEPHONES AND CELLULAR PHONES <br />PURPOSE <br />To establish the policy for the use of City telephones and cellular phones. <br />POLICY <br />City regular and cellular telephones are intended to be used for business only. <br />However, the Employee Policy Manual establishes provisions for limited personal use <br />of City telephones as follows: <br />"Employees are permitted to make or accept personal calls on a limited basis during <br />their Workday provided the conversations do not prevent the Employee from timely <br />performing his/her normal duties. Employees shall use their best efforts to keep <br />personal telephone calls to a minimum during the Workday and to make personal calls <br />during their meal period(s) or on break(s). Employees shall reimburse the City for the <br />cost of all long distance personal calls and the cost of personal cellular phone calls." <br />Some cellular phone calling plans, especially for Employees involved in the EOC, may <br />provide for no cost for phone use within certain parameters. In this situation, if there is <br />no charge to the City no reimbursement for personal calls is required. However, the <br />guidelines concerning limited use as set forth in the paragraph above are still germane. <br />The Telecommunications Division will make available to each department a listing of <br />the telephone calls charged to each telephone within each department. <br />Adopted - January 24,1994 <br />Amended - March 22,1999 <br />Amended - April 13, 2004 <br />Formerly J-5 <br />1