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F -3 • <br />Capital Projects, which generally deal with Public Works related improvements <br />for a distinct and identifiable purpose and function. Policy guidelines regarding <br />budgeting for upkeep and improvement of City buildings are as follows. <br />Cleaning, maintenance, and minor repair expenses are funded within <br />departmental Maintenance and Operations budgets. This includes <br />janitorial, limited painting, and routine electrical, plumbing, and minor <br />structural repairs. <br />Most capital equipment outlays are also budgeted at the department level. <br />These include expenditures for furniture (free- standing and most built - <br />ins), carpet replacement, and electronic equipment. <br />Building expenditures that are for a more substantial and relatively <br />infrequent purpose are funded as Capital Improvement Projects above the <br />departmental level. These include such items as roof replacements, <br />significant plumbing and /or electrical upgrades, or remodels involving <br />structural changes. <br />Budgeted Expenditures for all four classifications are aligned in the Budget • <br />Documents by Department Budget Units, which usually coincide with Operating <br />Divisions within the City's organizational structure; and, separately, by Capital <br />Projects. Therefore within each Division Budget, there will be sections for <br />Salaries and Benefits, Maintenance and Operations, Other Charges, and Capital <br />Outlay. <br />During December of each year, the Administrative Services Department shall <br />prepare preliminary fund balance estimates for the current year and preliminary <br />revenue estimates for the next fiscal year. In January of each year, the <br />Administrative Services Department shall prepare a budget calendar and issue <br />budget instructions and expenditure detail to each department for use in <br />preparation of the next year's City budget. Included in these instructions will be <br />budget guidelines and appropriation limits for each department. These <br />guidelines will be developed by the Administrative Services Director and <br />approved by the City Manager. In accordance with City Council Policy F -2 <br />Reserves/ Designations of Fund Balance), the status and possible changes in <br />Reserve Accounts shall be addressed as part of this process. <br />After submission of revenue and expenditure appropriation requests by each <br />department, the Administrative Services Department shall summarize the <br />2