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NEW OR EXPANDED REVENUE MEASURES <br />PURPOSE <br />F-4 <br />In order that budget preparation may proceed on an orderly basis with adequate time <br />given to consideration of all matters, and in order to establish a basis for staff <br />recommendations on revenue matters, the following policies are established. <br />A. Revenue measure changes may be processed at any time during the entire fiscal <br />year. However, the normal procedure will be to introduce them at the outset of <br />the of active budget preparation process. Changes should ordinarily become <br />effective at the start of the new fiscal year. <br />B. Special services, which can be identified with the recipients, will be self - <br />supported from service fees to the maximum extent possible. Service fees shall <br />be established in the Master Fee Schedule in compliance with applicable State <br />law, and shall be periodically reviewed for compliance with applicable State law. <br />C. Every reasonable effort will be made to establish revenue measures which will <br />cause the transients and recreation visitors to Newport Beach to carry a fair <br />portion of the expenses incurred by the City as a result of their use of public <br />facilities. <br />D. At the outset of the budget cycle, and when requested by the Administrative <br />Services Director, each department shall provide the Administrative Services <br />Department a listing of the fees imposed by department. This listing shall <br />identify the estimated costs to the City in providing the product or service <br />associated with each fee as well as any recommended revision in the fee. <br />E. The Administrative Services Department, with the assistance of the initiating <br />department, shall present for City Council review any new or revised revenue <br />measures. The Administrative Services Department shall endeavor to consult <br />with private individuals, business groups and individual business persons on <br />the economic impact any recommended revenue measure changes may have on <br />them, including but not limited to the City's Economic Development Committee <br />and the Newport Harbor Area Chamber of Commerce. Their response, the <br />estimated costs to the City in providing the product or service and the <br />recommended revision to the revenue measure shall be included in the <br />information forwarded to the City Council. <br />1