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1 <br />aJ- <br />F -5 <br />PURCHASING AUTHORITY FOR GOODS AND SERVICES <br />PURPOSE <br />To establish the policy for the authority to purchase goods and services or capital outlay <br />items for the City and for the payment of such items. <br />POLICY <br />It shall be the policy of the City to adhere to the "Purchasing Procedures" and the <br />Procedures for Processing Payables" as prepared by the Administrative Services <br />Department and adopted by the City Council. <br />By reference to those procedures, they become part of this Policy Manual. <br />Adopted - January 24,1994 <br />Corrected - February 26,1996 <br />Amended - March 14, 2000 (Purchasing Procedures Only) <br />Formerly F -14 <br />1