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CJ <br />CITY TRAVEL POLICY STATEMENT <br />PURPOSE <br />Los U9 <br />To set forth the policy for official City travel and to establish procedures for <br />reimbursement of expenses incurred by City Council members, appointed officials, <br />members of special boards, commissions, committees, and employees while traveling <br />overnight on official City business. This policy shall not apply for commuter (local) <br />training seminars and local City business expenses, nor is it intended to supersede <br />P.O.S.T. reimbursable travel policies established by the State of California or the <br />Newport Beach Police Department. The governing rule for all City travel expenses <br />shall be availability, economy, convenience, and propriety. <br />TRAVEL POLICY <br />A. The City shall provide reimbursement for expenses directly related to attendance <br />at approved conferences, seminars, meetings, and other official functions/ <br />purposes. <br />B. Official travel is planned, approved, budgeted, and controlled at the Department <br />level, except in specific cases described below. <br />C. Authorized travel approved in the annual budget requires no further approval <br />beyond the departmental level. If, however, it becomes apparent that the total <br />travel cost will exceed the budget estimate, the approval of the Administrative <br />Services Director must be obtained. Variations greater than twenty percent shall <br />be referred by the Administrative Services Director to the City Manager for <br />approval. The number of attendees representing the City at any given <br />conference (or other function requiring expenditure of travel funds) will not <br />exceed the number specified in the budget without Council approval (in the case <br />of commission members), or Department Head approval (in the case of City staff <br />or committee members). <br />D. Unbudgeted, unplanned travel requests shall be submitted by the Department <br />Director to the Administrative Services Director who will forward the requests to <br />the City Manager for approval. Such requests shall include the proposed <br />funding source for the travel (other travel canceled, reprogramming of other <br />funds within the department, etc.). <br />is 1