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G -6 • <br />a. 25 feet back of beginning of curb returns at intersections. <br />b. 10 feet from lamp standards. <br />C. 10 feet from fire hydrants. <br />d. 10 feet from service walks or driveways. <br />e. 10 feet from meters and sewers. <br />f. 25 feet from stop signs. <br />3. Trees shall be a minimum container size of 24" box. <br />a. Condition: Plants shall be symmetrical, typical for variety and <br />species, healthy, vigorous, free from plant disease, insect pests and <br />shall have healthy, normal root system free from being root bound. <br />Trees shall not be pruned nor topped prior to delivery. <br />b. Inspection: All plant material shall be subject to inspection and <br />approval by the General Services Department staff prior to <br />planting. The City has the right to reject any item offered. is <br />4. Soil Analysis Requirement for Land Developers <br />Developers may be required to submit a composite soil analysis <br />completed by a bona fide soil testing laboratory of soil to receive parkway <br />trees at no cost to the City. The location and number of soil samples shall <br />be determined by the City. Analysis shall include fertility level and <br />organic content of the samples take. A copy of the test results shall be <br />forwarded directly to the General Services Department staff a minimum <br />of 60 days prior to the scheduled planting of parkway trees. <br />PARKWAY TREE PLANTING <br />A. All tree planting pits shall be dug with the bottom level width equal to two times <br />the diameter of the ball, and the depth 1 1/2 times the height of the container <br />from which the tree is planted. <br />B. Where land developers are required to provide soil analysis, the prepared soil <br />backfill shall be based on test results. <br />C. When soil analysis is not a requirement, native soil with a commercial fertilizer <br />approved by the General Services Department staff shall be used for backfill. <br />2 is