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H -1 <br />HARBOR PERMIT POLICY <br />HARBOR INSTALLATIONS GENERALLY <br />A. Shore connected piers and floats bayward of residential zoned areas shall be <br />controlled by the Harbor Permittee. Vessels moored at residential piers shall not <br />create a nuisance with regard to vehicle parking, vessel waste, liveaboards, or <br />noise disturbances to adjoining residents. <br />B. Shore connected piers and floats bayward of commercial -zoned areas may be <br />rented. <br />C. Only piers, floats, certain patio decks and their appurtenances shall be permitted <br />bayward of the bulkhead. <br />D. No private piers shall be permitted at street ends. <br />E. In R -1 zones, only a single pier and float or slip shall be permitted bayward of <br />each parcel or lot. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />A. The term "Pier" shall mean any fixed or floating structure for securing vessels, <br />loading or unloading persons or property, or providing access to the water, and <br />includes wharf, dock, float, or other landing facility, and dry dock. <br />B. The "Harbor Lines" are established Bulkhead, Pierhead, and Project Lines. <br />C. The "Bulkhead Lines," as established, shall define the limit of solid filling or solid <br />structures. <br />D. The " Pierhead Lines," as established, typically shall define the limit for pier and <br />float -type structures. <br />E. The "Project Lines" shall define the channel lines of the improvements and by the <br />Federal Government in 1935 -36. <br />F. The term "Liveaboard" shall mean the use or occupancy of a vessel for living <br />quarters either permanently or on a temporary basis for a period exceeding 72 <br />hours. <br />1