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H -1 • <br />G. The term "Standard Drawings" refers to Standard Drawings adopted by the City <br />of Newport Beach as minimum standards of construction whenever harbor <br />permits are required. <br />H. The term "Design Criteria" refers to Design Criteria adopted by the City of <br />Newport Beach as minimum standards for design whenever harbor permits are <br />required. <br />1. The term "Mean Low Low Water" is abbreviated, M.L.L.W., and refers to the <br />lowest tide of the daily two -tide cycle. <br />J. The term "Harbor Structures' refers to any pier float, piling, bulkhead, sea wall, <br />reef, breakwater or other structure in, upon or over the waters of Newport <br />Harbor or the Pacific Ocean or any other water where the tide ebbs and flows <br />within the City of Newport Beach. <br />K. The term "Harbor Permittee" refers to upland property owner or long term <br />lessee immediately adjacent to water in whose name the Harbor Permit is issued. <br />PERMITS REQUIRED FOR HARBOR STRUCTURES • <br />A. No person or agency shall build, maintain, extend or make structural alterations <br />on any building, pier, piling, bulkhead, sea wall, reef, breakwater, or other <br />structure in, upon or over the waters of Newport Harbor or the Pacific Ocean or <br />any other water where the tide ebbs and flows within the City, or do any filling, <br />excavating in said waters or ocean, without first obtaining a written "Building <br />Permit" to do so from the City's Building Department. <br />B. The Orange County District may do construction work or fill or dredge within <br />Newport Harbor, or cause the same to be done, without such a permit so long as <br />such work is done pursuant to a harbor development plan on lands not owned <br />by the City or pursuant to a request therefore by the City Council. <br />C. A separate permit will be required by the Harbor Resources Division for <br />dredging. <br />2 •