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0 <br />0 <br />r <br />U <br />I -12 <br />OBSTRUCTION OF VIEWS BY TREES <br />The City Council has expectations that individuals, public agencies and ' <br />homeowner associations will comply with procedures to diminish view <br />obstructions caused by trees and vegetation on their property. <br />The purpose of this policy is to identify the importance of views lost due <br />to tree growth by another private or public property owner. The objectives <br />of this policy are to: <br />1. Preserve and promote the aesthetic benefits provided by trees and the <br />preservation of views of the surrounding locale. <br />2. Preserve, maintain and enhance property values within the City. <br />3. Encourage the proper maintenance of trees, shrubs, hedges or other <br />vegetation that unduly diminish desirable views. <br />4. Encourage homeowner associations and individuals to vigorously enforce <br />their CC &R's as they pertain to trimming shrubbery in order to <br />maintain views and property values. <br />5. By example, City will endeavor to maintain all City -owned park <br />property in a manner to maximize public and private view planes. <br />Definitions to clarify this policy are: <br />1. Unreasonable Obstruction of View <br />A tree, shrub, hedge or other vegetation should not be maintained on <br />public or private property in the City in such a manner as to <br />unreasonably obstruct the view from other property. <br />2. Views <br />View" means a range of sight including pleasing vistas or prospects <br />or scenes. Views include, but are not limited to, the sight of <br />geologic features, bays, oceans, skylines and bridges. <br />Adopted - September 14, 1987