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1 -2 <br />USE OF THE NEWPORT BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY <br />The Newport Beach Public Library is open to all members of the general public without <br />restriction. Customers may remain in the library during posted business hours to use <br />the services, material or facilities for reading, studying or obtaining information. <br />However, customers may be directed to leave the library with or without advance <br />warning, when their behavior disrupts other customers or staff, or is inconsistent with <br />library purposes. <br />A. The following behavior will invite a reminder from staff that such conduct is <br />prohibited in the library. Customers who continue to engage in these activities <br />will be asked to leave the facility: <br />1. Smoking or sleeping; <br />2. Eating or drinking food or beverages in such a manner that customers or <br />staff are made uncomfortable. <br />3. Not wearing shoes; <br />4. Wearing cleats, skates, rollerblades or other items that could damage the <br />facility; <br />5. Creating an unreasonably loud noise such as loud talking or banging on <br />furniture; <br />6. Using audible devices without headphones or with headphones set at a <br />volume that disturbs others. Using cell phones, pagers, and other <br />communication devices in a manner that disturbs others. Audible cell <br />phone and pager ringers must be turned off. <br />7. Interfering with other customers' use of library facilities or staff's ability to <br />perform their duties; <br />8. Soliciting or collecting funds (except for staff's collection of overdue fines, <br />fees, proceeds of book sales, rentals, and library donations); <br />9. Bringing animals into the facility except service animals such as guide <br />dogs; <br />1