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I -2 <br />isCOMMUNITY BEAUTIFICATION AND WATER CONSERVATION - Page One <br />The City Council believes that it would be in the best interest of the <br />City and the developer to encourage utilizing the services of a landscape <br />architect simultaneously with the services of the engineers, rather than <br />after cutting and grading are final. <br />Strips of land dividing housing projects should be preserved as green- <br />belts or open space wilderness areas. <br />Ravines and barrancas should be preserved to provide natural areas of <br />beautification. <br />Where possible, some streets in residential developments should run <br />toward the ocean or Upper Bay to provide a view of the water. <br />The cost of transmitting water to Southern California will increase <br />dramatically during the next decade due to the increased cost of oil in <br />the conveyance process. Anticipating this cost increase, it shall be <br />the policy of the City of Newport Beach to encourage conservation of <br />water throughout the City and to develop methods whereby the City, its <br />citizens, businessmen and homeowner associations can reduce their con- <br />sumption of water. <br />Suggested methods include, but are not limited to, the following: <br />1) Select landscape materials from a list of drought resistant <br />shrubs, trees and ground covers and use them as extensively <br />as possible in parks, parkways, traffic medians and around <br />public buildings. <br />2) Encourage the use of solid materials (concrete, brick, etc.) <br />in traffic islands, parkways and other locations in order to <br />reduce water - consuming areas. Care should be taken, however, <br />to provide ample tree wells in parkways when solid materials <br />are used. <br />3) Reduce to an acceptable minimum the amount of water that is <br />applied to lawns, ground covers, paseos and greenbelts, but <br />giving care to the deep water that is required by trees. <br />4) Give greater consideration to soil conditioning and be sure <br />that soils are properly prepared prior to planting. Sandy <br />soils should receive a generous amount of humus to retain <br />moisture. <br />5) In design of parkway and median landscaping, grade the area <br />concave rather than convex to eliminate run -off and spray <br />drift. Bubbler heads should be used instead of spray heads. <br />Drip irrigation systems should be installed whenever possible.