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I -21 <br />PUBLIC LIBRARY COMMUNITY ROOM USE <br />PURPOSE: <br />The Public Library Community Room known as the "Friends Room," is <br />available to Library customers to provide facilities for civic, social, educational <br />and cultural activities that support the Library's goals and objectives. In order to <br />accommodate all groups who are interested in using the Community Room, it is <br />the intent of this Policy to provide application and scheduling procedures, and <br />regulations for use of the room. <br />PROCEDURE: <br />1. Application. Any person or group of persons desiring to use the Library <br />Community Room must apply on forms provided by the Community <br />Services Department and provide all additional information as may be <br />required by the Department to assure compliance with the regulations <br />and specifications of this Policy. Applicants will be required to satisfy the <br />Community Services Department that meetings or activities will be <br />conducted in an orderly manner without damage to the facilities and that <br />such persons or groups are financially able to respond to damages in the <br />event of any personal injuries or property damage arising from the use of <br />the Community Room. All persons and groups will be required to <br />acknowledge that neither the City nor the Community Services <br />Department assumes any liability for injury or loss of personal property. <br />Prior to the use of the facility, the application must have approval of the <br />Community Services Director /City Librarian or designated <br />representative. <br />2. Reservations. Reservations for use of the room may be made up to six <br />months in advance. Any organization using the Community Room on a <br />yearly basis shall notify the Community Services Department when there <br />is a change of officers or of organizational policy. <br />REGULATIONS AND RESTRICTIONS: <br />All uses of the Community Room will be subject to the following <br />regulations and restrictions: <br />C