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C <br />11 <br />11 <br />u <br />I -21 <br />BIKE S FOOT RACE POLICY <br />It is the policy of the City Coun it that all races using <br />City streets, beaches of parks all be administered <br />through the Spec/ <br />ditionally <br />ent proc ure established by the <br />City Manager. Oers of race must prove the ability <br />to pay for requity saf ty and maintenance services. <br />Races shall be rted courses approved by the <br />City Manager. Rshal not be held during summer months <br />June 15 through emb 15) and shall not exceed 12 per <br />year. The City a so receive registration fees or a <br />cash deposit as f ability to pay for City services <br />provided. It shditionally be required that organizers <br />of races provide rtif icate of insurance co- insuring <br />the City or purc City approved Special Event Policy <br />providing a mini f $1,000,000 coverage. <br />It is the intent/of this policy to minimize inconvenience <br />to City resides and maximize safety precautions for races. <br />Adopted - February 14, 1983 <br />Amended - November 14, 1983