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1 -3 <br />NEWPORT BEACH PUBLIC LIBRARY <br />COLLECTION DEVELOPMENT POLICY <br />It is the intent of the Board of Library Trustees that the Newport Beach Public Library <br />provide a variety of print and nonprint materials to meet the informational, educational <br />and recreational needs of the entire community. <br />The Library seeks to provide breadth and depth within the collection, various points of <br />view, and differing formats. The Library endeavors to balance materials of permanent <br />value with those of current interest. Materials are selected based on their content as a <br />whole, not on selected excerpts. Race, nationality, or political, social, moral, or religious <br />views of an author will not affect the selection of materials. <br />Selection is based on merit of the work; value of the work within the collection; and the <br />needs and interests of the community. Consideration is given to specific types of <br />material; to materials for specific age groups; to materials for special interests of <br />clientele; and to differing formats of materials. These selection criteria will apply <br />equally to materials purchased and to those accepted as gifts. <br />The selection of materials is made by Library staff. Patrons making requests that items <br />be added to the permanent collection will be referred to the "Request for Book Purchase <br />Form." Suggestions from Library patrons are encouraged and receive serious <br />consideration. <br />Many items which are not in the collection are available to library patrons, through <br />established interlibrary loan practices. Concurrently, the Library's participation in <br />universal borrowing, established by the California Library Services Act, Article 4, <br />Section 18731, provides Newport Beach Public Library patrons direct access to materials <br />housed in other participating public libraries in Orange County and throughout the <br />State of California. <br />The Library believes that the use of Library materials is an individual and private <br />matter. All patrons are free to select or reject materials for themselves; they may not <br />restrict the freedom of others to read or inquire. Parents have the primary responsibility <br />to guide and direct the use of Library materials by their own minor children. <br />In support of the above principles, the Library incorporates the Library Bill of Rights <br />as adopted by the American Library Association Council on January 23, 1980, as <br />Attachment 1 to the Collection Development Policy. <br />1