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LIBRARY MEETING ROOMS <br />Background <br />I-7 <br />The large meeting room in the Newport Beach Central Library is known as the Friends <br />Meeting Room (Friends Room). The small meeting room at the Central Library is <br />known as the Conference Room. The meeting room at the Crean Mariners Library is <br />known as the Vincent Jorgensen Room (Jorgensen Room). The Jorgensen Room is <br />administered by the Recreation and Senior Services Department. The Library Board of <br />Trustees and the Library Services Department (Department) administer the Library and <br />its meeting rooms. These rooms are the primary source of meeting space for library <br />programs and activities. The City has a shortage of large meeting space and City <br />officers and employees frequently need to use the meeting rooms for City business on <br />very short notice. Moreover, public use of the Library meeting rooms takes staff away <br />from their normal duties and can, if uncontrolled, interfere with the public's use and <br />enjoyment of the library. The City needs to limit the amount and timing of the use of <br />the Library meeting rooms by other than Library and City officials and employees to <br />protect the public interest. <br />Application <br />This Policy shall not apply to use of the Library meeting rooms for Library or Library <br />sponsored activities and programs and City or City sponsored activities and programs. <br />The Library staff, the Board of Library Trustees, the City and its officers and employees <br />and the Friends of the Library and Library Foundation when used for programs and <br />activities directly related to Library functions and purposes; shall be entitled to use the <br />Library meeting rooms at any time subject only to confirming availability with the <br />Library Services Director. <br />Purpose <br />The purpose of this Policy is to establish: <br />A. Procedures for processing and approving or disapproving requests from private <br />persons, groups or organizations for permission to use the Library meeting <br />rooms; <br />B. Priorities for the use of the Library meeting rooms to ensure its availability to the <br />City and its officers and employees and to resolve any conflict related to requests <br />for use by others; and <br />1 <br />