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r 1 <br />J <br />40 <br />1 0 <br />I -9 <br />It shall be the responsibility of the Parks, Beaches and Recreation <br />Commission to develop and maintain a rather restricted list of trees <br />in the community which should be retained to the exclusion of all <br />normal problems. This list will contain landmark trees, special trees <br />of extreme beauty, stately trees which contribute to an entire neigh- <br />borhood, dedicated trees, etc. These trees will be identified, mapped <br />and recorded. Subsequent to this they will be given all types of <br />special treatment to retain them, including the use of asphalt sidewalks, <br />realigned curbing; etc. <br />Whenever it is necessary to prune tree roots in parkways or other <br />public areas in order to correct or prevent damage being caused by the <br />subject tree, every reasonable effort shall be made to save the tree, <br />including the use of high grade asphalt sidewalk sections. It will <br />still be necessary to meet the City's standards relative to grades <br />and alignments, with the exception of those special trees discussed <br />in Paragraph 1 of this policy statement. <br />If it is necessary for a tree other than that included in Paragraph 1 <br />to be given special treatment, each tree shall be considered individ- <br />ually on its own merits to determine whether the tree should be retained <br />or replaced. All parkway trees included in this category must be sub - <br />jected to and meet the following criteria. <br />1. Have sufficient root system to sustain life and <br />remain in a safe condition after root pruning; <br />2. Have sufficient life expectancy to merit special <br />consideration; <br />3. Have adjacent property owners be desirous of retaining <br />tree in light of "patchy sidewalk effect" that would <br />be created next to their homes if asphalt sidewalk <br />is to be used to save the tree; <br />4. Not be of an undesirable species that has been removed <br />from the official street tree list by the Parks, Beaches <br />Recreation Commission; <br />5. Not/ have had a consistent history of damaging utilities <br />such as sewers, water mains, etc.; <br />6. jot interfere with acceptable drainage if alternate <br />methods of curb repair are utilized.