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K -1 • <br />any part or element thereof, which has been approved by the Planning <br />Commission, the City Council shall consider the recommendation of the <br />Planning Commission. If the City Council intends to make major changes and <br />take an action not considered by the Planning Commission, the changes shall be <br />referred back to the Planning Commission for its recommendation. Planning <br />Commission consideration of an alternative shall be construed liberally so as to <br />allow the City Council to act on any one of a range of alternatives generally <br />considered by the Planning Commission. The Planning Commission shall report <br />back to the City Council with their recommendation on the proposed changes <br />within 45 days. <br />E. Adoption by City Council - Resolution. The adoption of the General Plan or any <br />part or element thereof, or any amendment to such plan or any part or element <br />thereof, shall be by resolution. <br />AMENDMENT PROCEDURES (GENERAL PLAN) <br />City Amendments: <br />A. City- sponsored amendments to the General Plan shall be initiated by the City • <br />Council. <br />B. In initiating action to amend the General Plan, the City Council shall direct the <br />Planning Commission to set public hearings for such amendments as it deems <br />appropriate. <br />C. Prior to making its recommendation on the proposed General Plan amendments, <br />the Planning Commission may do such research as it deems necessary to <br />establish whether the proposed amendment warrants approval. <br />Property Owner Amendments: <br />A. Property owners may apply for an amendment to the General Plan, limited to <br />changes to the land use designation and /or development limit for their property. <br />Such request shall be made by the filing of an application on a form prescribed <br />by the Planning Director along with the fee established by the City Council. If <br />property that is the subject of an application is in more than one ownership, all <br />the owners shall join in filing the application. The request should clearly set forth <br />the reason for which the request is made, should contain information <br />substantiating the need, and shall include a conceptual site plan. <br />2