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K -3 <br />2. In reviewing and assessing the significance of environmental impacts, the <br />City shall be guided by the adopted General Plan policies and standards. <br />D. Environmental Determinations. <br />1. Activities Not Subject to CEQA. <br />This policy statement shall apply only to activities that are subject to <br />CEQA. Activities that are not "Projects" as defined in Guidelines Sec. <br />15378, and activities that are "Ministerial" as defined in Guidelines Sec. <br />15369 are not subject to CEQA or this policy statement. <br />Examples of City activities that are not normally subject to CEQA include <br />but are not limited to, the following: <br />Business licenses <br />Parking permits <br />Sign permits <br />Demolition permits <br />Grading permits <br />Building permits <br />Final subdivision maps <br />Certificates of use and occupancy <br />Coastal Commission Approvals in Concept <br />Exceptions. There may be instances where unusual circumstances cause <br />one of these activities to be considered a discretionary action subject to <br />CEQA. Examples include, but are not limited to, the following: <br />a. Any building permit or grading permit application or other action <br />which is normally considered ministerial but due to special <br />circumstances is determined to have the potential to cause a <br />significant effect on the environment. Examples may include the <br />following: <br />Work in an area of unusual erosion potential or ground <br />instability <br />Work affecting scenic or sensitive biological resources <br />2 •