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K -3 <br />IMPLEMENTATION OF THE CALIFORNIA ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY ACT <br />I. INTENT. The intent of this policy statement is to protect the <br />environment of the City of Newport Beach, to comply with the <br />California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), and to implement the <br />basic principles, objectives, and criteria contained in the State <br />Guidelines adopted by the Secretary for Resources pursuant to the <br />provisions of the California Environmental Quality Act, as amended. <br />II. DEFINITIONS. As used in this policy statement, the following <br />definitions shall apply: <br />A. California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) means Public <br />Resources Code, Sections 21000 through 21174, as amended by <br />Chapter 1154 of the Statutes of 1972 (AB 889). <br />B. State Guidelines means the "Guidelines for Implementation of <br />the CEQA of 1970 ", adopted by the Secretary for Resources, <br />February 3, 1973. <br />C. Environmental Impact Report (EIR) means a detailed statement <br />setting forth the environmental effects and considerations <br />pertaining to a project as specified in Section 21100 of the <br />CEQA. <br />D. All definitions contained in the CEQA and the State Guidelines <br />shall apply to this policy statement. <br />III. GENERAL POLICIES. The following general policies shall apply: <br />A. The City, in implementing the requirements of the CEQA, shall, <br />wherever possible, integrate these procedures into the existing <br />planning and review procedures of the City. <br />B. In reviewing and assessing environmental impacts, the City shall <br />be guided by the adopted General Plan Policies and the elements <br />of the General Plan. Specifically, the City shall be guided by <br />the overall policy of the General Plan Policies: <br />IN PLANNING FOR THE FUTURE OF THE COMMUNITY, it shall <br />be the basic underlying goal of the City of Newport <br />Beach to protect and enhance the City's special charm <br />and character; its unique natural and man-made physical <br />environment; its attractive visual environment, and the <br />wide range of social, economic, cultural, educational <br />and recreational opportunities which have contributed <br />to the high quality of life enjoyed by its citizens."