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L -12 <br />OCEANFRONT ENCROACHMENT POLICY <br />The City Council has approved Amendment No. 23 to the Land Use Plan of the <br />Local Coastal Program, which established specific restrictions and conditions on <br />the installation of private improvements in the public right of way along the <br />oceanfront from the Santa Ana River Channel to Channel Road. Existing <br />encroachments are located on a very small portion of the sandy beach and do not <br />impact any of the 89 street ends and other public facilities which provide beach <br />access through oceanfront residential communities. However, encroachments <br />could impact access to, and public use of, the beach in the absence of an <br />equitable and enforceable City policy limiting the extent, size and nature of the <br />encroachments. This policy is intended to implement Amendment No. 23 by <br />establishing a procedure for approval of permitted encroachments, removal of <br />prohibited encroachments, limiting the extent of encroachments, and <br />clarification of improvements permitted within each encroachment zone. <br />A. Definitions. <br />1. For the purpose of this Section, the following words and phrases <br />shall be defined as specified below: <br />a) Existing encroachment shall mean any encroachment or <br />improvement installed or constructed before May 31, 1992. <br />b) New encroachment shall mean any encroachment or <br />improvement installed or constructed after May 31, 1992. <br />c) Improvements or Encroachments shall mean any object or <br />thing: <br />i) within or oceanward of any encroachment zone <br />described in this policy; <br />ii) within or oceanward <br />Oceanfront Boardwalk, <br />Street; or <br />of the north edge of the <br />between 36th Street and A <br />iii) oceanward of any residential parcel from a point 250 <br />feet southeast of E Street to Channel Road.