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L-16 <br />TEMPORARY BANNERS EXTENDING OVER <br />THE PUBLIC RIGHT-OF-WAY <br />FINDINGS AND PURPOSE <br />Temporary banners and signs pose risks to the public in the form of potential physical <br />obstructions in or over the right of way and by distracting an individual who otherwise <br />would, and should, focus on other users. The City Council also finds that, in the <br />absence of the size and number limits specified in this policy, temporary banners or <br />sign could reduce property values, adversely impact land uses, and interfere with the <br />recreational objectives of visitors to the City of Newport Beach. A total prohibition on <br />the installation of temporary banners and signs is appropriate with the exception of the <br />provisions of this Policy and Chapter 20.67 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code <br />because there are adequate alternative means of communication for those wishing to <br />engage in commercial or non-commercial speech except for temporary real estate signs <br />and non-profit groups organizations conducting community wide events co-sponsored <br />by the City of Newport Beach and open to the general public. Finally, the City Council <br />has determined that the restrictions contained in this policy and the provisions of <br />Title 20 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code are the least restrictive means available <br />to accomplish the public safety, economic and aesthetic objectives of the City Council. <br />GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />Temporary banners and signs shall not be permitted within or over any public street or <br />pedestrian right of way with the exception of temporary real estate signs as specified in <br />Chapter 20.67 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code and banners notifying the general <br />public of a community wide event, open to the general public without charge, <br />conducted by a non-profit corporation or organization, and co-sponsored by the City of <br />Newport Beach. Temporary banners and signs shall be installed in strict compliance <br />with the provisions of this Policy and any conditions imposed on the permit by the <br />Public Works Director and, if required, by the Utilities Director. <br />PERMIT PROCESS <br />Except as provided in Title 20 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code, no person <br />shall install any temporary banner or sign within any public right of way <br />without first obtaining a permit issued by the Public Works Department. <br />1