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L-2 <br />DRIVEWAY APPROACHES <br />GENERAL <br />A permit will be required prior to any driveway construction within the street <br />right-of-way. All construction shall conform with the Standard Plans and <br />Specifications of the City of Newport Beach. Brick, textured concrete or fiat stone <br />surfacing may be used subject to Public Works Department approval. Such <br />brick, textured concrete or fiat stone surfacing may not be used on Bayside Drive. <br />Bo The number of driveway openings shall be kept to a minimum so as to preserve <br />on-street parking and to reduce the points of traffic conflict. <br />The term "Curb Opening" shall mean the total width of the approach including <br />the slope distances on the curb. The term "Approach Bottom" shall mean the <br />total width of the approach less the slope distances on the curbs. <br />D4 Curb openings shall not be constructed closer than 5 feet to the beginning of the <br />curvature of a curb return, fire hydrant, traffic signal/pedestrian street light, <br />utility pole/anchor/pedestal, trees or vent pipe, unless approved by the Public <br />Works Department. <br />The entire curb opening shall be within the prolongation of the property lines <br />except when cross easements provide for a common driveway along the mutual <br />property line. <br />No permit shall be issued for driveways on Clubhouse Drive, Glen Drive, Balboa <br />Island or on the ocean side of Ocean Boulevard without City Council approval. <br />No curb openings will be permitted on Ocean Boulevard when access is available <br />from an existing alley, street or improved private roadway. <br />No permit shall be issued if the driveway construction requires the removal of a <br />street tree until such removal has been approved by the General Services <br />Director. <br />No permit shall be issued if the driveway encroaches on a crosswalk area. <br />No permit shall be issued if the driveway construction requires the relocation of <br />any public facility such as fire hydrants utility pole/anchor/pedestal, tree, vault, <br />vent pipes, or street lights until approved by the Public Works Department and a <br />1