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WATER RATES <br />A. The City's water rates shall provide sufficient revenue to offset the following costs: <br />1. Water purchased from the Metropolitan Water District through Coastal <br />Municipal Water District. <br />2. Water purchased from the Orange County Water strict. <br />3. Operation and maintenance of the water syste <br />4. Water system betterments and improvemen <br />5. Transfers to the General Fund for adminis tive support. <br />6. Water for sewer, water main, and storm rain flushing, and fire fighting. <br />7. System losses. <br />8. Operating reserves. <br />Water rates shall not be used to off t costs of City department activities not <br />directly related to the cost of pr iding water. In the case of overlapping <br />responsibilities and activities, the t lities /Public Works Committee shall review <br />and recommend to the City ouncil activities or responsible fees directly <br />0 attributable to the cost of providing water <br />B. A minimum operating r serve (unappropriated surplus) should exceed an <br />amount equal to operati g the system and providing water for two (2) months. <br />These funds shall be u d for emergency repair to the water system and, if used, <br />shall be restored wit n three budget years. <br />1. It will be flp(e City's goal to maintain reserves at a level higher than the <br />2. The d ired unappropriated water fund reserve balance should not <br />excee the cost of: <br />a. / Operating the system and providing water for six (6) months plus; <br />b; An amount equal to one -half of the average annual budget for <br />Water Enterprise Fund capital improvement projects. The average <br />annual budget for capital improvement projects is based on the last <br />five (5) budget years. <br />C. The City will attempt to set water rates and utilize reserves in a manner that will <br />facilitate uniform rate increases over the long term rather than sporadic or large <br />increases.