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0 <br />SIDEWALK CAFE STANDARDS AND PROCEDURES <br />PURPOSE <br />L -21 <br />These standards and procedures are adopted pursuant to Chapter 13.18 of the <br />Municipal Code in order to encourage appropriate outdoor activities in the public right - <br />of -way, to ensure that the space used for outdoor dining in the public sidewalk will <br />serve a public purpose, to ease the process of obtaining permission to operate an <br />outdoor dining facility, and to ensure adequate space for pedestrians on the sidewalk <br />adjacent to sidewalk cafes. <br />DEFINITIONS <br />Sidewalk Cafe. An outdoor dining area on a public sidewalk where patrons may <br />consume food and /or beverages provided by an abutting food service establishment. <br />Such establishments may either provide table service in the outdoor dining areas or sell <br />take -out items to be consumed in the outdoor dining area. <br />These regulations do not apply to outdoor dining on private property. <br />GENERAL PROVISIONS <br />A. Permit required. Outdoor dining on a public sidewalk may occur only pursuant <br />to a Sidewalk Cafe License Encroachment Permit (hereinafter "Encroachment <br />Permit "). <br />B. Prohibited locations. Outside dining will not be permitted on sidewalks <br />designated by City Council resolution as shared bicycle and pedestrian facilities <br />see Attachment B). <br />C. Permit transfer. An Encroachment Permit may be transferred to a subsequent <br />operator of the same establishment subject to approval by the Public Works <br />Director and payment of an Encroachment Permit transfer fee established by the <br />City Council. Prior to approval of the transfer the Public Works Director may <br />modify the terms of the permit as deemed appropriate to protect public health, <br />safety and welfare. <br />0 1