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THE SITING OF WIRELESS TELECOMMUNICATIONS EQUIPMENT <br />ON CITY-OWNED LAND <br />PURPOSE <br />To describe the manner in which specific city-owned or city Trust properties may be <br />used as locations for wireless telecommunications devices that transmit voice or data. <br />POLICY <br />It is the policy of the City to effectively balance the needs of its residents, visitors, and <br />businesses to use and have access to state-of-the-art wireless telecommunication <br />systems (such as wireless Internet, voice, and other data communications) with the <br />needs of residents to safely and effectively enjoy their property. This Policy shall be <br />used when considering applications to install wireless communications devices on City- <br />owned or City-held property by any wireless telecommunications provider or siting <br />company. <br />A.PERMIT REQUIRED <br />All telecom facilities proposed to be located on City-owned or City-held <br />trust property must first apply for and receive a permit under the <br />provisions of Chapter 15.70. <br />All proposals affecting City-owned or City-held trust property shall be <br />processed via this Policy through the Planning Department. Successful <br />projects shall receive a "Telecom Permit." <br />B.AGREEMENT REQUIRED <br />All telecom facilities located on City-owned property or City-held Trust property <br />must have an agreement approved as to form by the City Attorney and approved <br />as to substance (including, but not limited to, compensation, term, insurance <br />requirements, bonding requirements, and hold harmless provisions) by the City <br />Manager. <br />C.CITY SITES ELIGIBLE OR INELIGIBLE FOR FACILITY PLACEMENT <br />Sites Eligible for Use. The City Council has determined that the following <br />City locations are acceptable for placement of wireless devices: <br />1