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L-4 <br />PRIVATE STREETS <br />Bo <br />Private streets will be allowed in new developments where their use is logically <br />consistent with a desire for neighborhood identification and control of access, <br />and where special overall design concepts may be involved. The use of private <br />streets will be subject to review and approval by the Planning Commission and <br />the City Council. <br />Private streets will be permitted only where a satisfactory means of providing for <br />their maintenance and operation is demonstrated. <br />The use of private streets as a device for permitting inadequate design will not be <br />allowed. <br />The use of private streets is ordinarily limited to cul-de-sacs and to minor local <br />streets not carrying through traffic. <br />The design of all private streets shall be reviewed and approved by the Public <br />Works Department; and the construction shall be inspected by the Public Works <br />Department, with a standard inspection fee to be paid. <br />F.The following design standards shall be used for new private streets: <br />GENERAL <br />Where streets other than minor local streets are proposed to be private, the <br />design shall conform in all respects to the requirements established for public <br />streets, except as may be otherwise permitted under Number 2 below. <br />Where special circumstances exist, deviations from the standards will be subject <br />to approval by the Public Works Department after an individual review. <br />Streets shall be adequately designed to provide for lane delineation, street <br />sweeping, and drainage control. A standard crown section with concrete curb <br />and gutter on both sides will be required. <br />Depressed approaches shall be used at all driveways where streets have curb and <br />gutter. <br />1