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L-9 <br />Jo <br />2.Operate and maintain the streets. <br />3.Assess funds for the operation and maintenance of the streets. <br />Accept all liabilities for claims and lawsuits arising out of the use of the <br />streets. (The association must maintain a policy of insurance which <br />guarantees a defense for the City should any lawsuit arise from and loss <br />related to the use of the street. Also, a performance bond is required to <br />guarantee that the association will maintain the streets.) If a formal <br />community association does exist, its bylaws and/or CC & R’s must be <br />amended to provide for the above items. <br />In a situation where the streets abut numerous parcels under separate <br />ownership, as compared to a situation where the street abuts a common area <br />owned by the community association, a binding agreement and grant deed from <br />each abutting owner will be required. The agreement and deed will provide for <br />the owner to deed the street to the association immediately upon vacation by the <br />City. These agreements and deeds are to be prepared by the attorney for the <br />community association, processed by the association, and executed prior to the <br />public hearing on the vacation. <br />Prepare plans for guard gates and entrance modifications contemplated to <br />restrict future access. These will need to meet the requirements of the Public <br />Works Department, Fire Department, General Services Department, and Police <br />Department. <br />City is to prepare necessary environmental documentation at the association’s <br />and/or sponsor’s expense. <br />City will contact various utilities to determine what rights they wish to reserve <br />when the street is vacated. <br />All completed legal documents are to be submitted to the City Attorney for <br />approval. <br />Provide the City with a current list of names and addresses of all property <br />owners affected by the vacation. <br />3