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P -1 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION <br />OF THE PROVISIONS OF STATE LAW RELATIVE TO <br />LOW AND MODERATE INCOME HOUSING WITHIN THE COASTAL ZONE - Page 1 <br />BACKGROUND <br />The City of Newport Beach has the responsibility for the administra- <br />tion of provisions of State law relative to the demolition and con- <br />version of existing low and moderate income residential units within <br />the Coastal Zone. (Chapter 1007,.Statutes of 1981, Government Code <br />Section 65900 et seq.) <br />This Council Policy establishes the Administrative Guidelines and <br />Implementation procedures to be used by the City of Newport Beach in. <br />administering the provisions of the State law referenced above. <br />The City Council of the City of Newport Beach has, by virtue of the <br />adoption of this policy, determined that it is not feasible to require <br />replacement housing units for low and moderate income persons for pro- <br />jects involving the conversion or demolition of one or more structures <br />located upon any parcel within the City of Newport Beach containing two <br />or fewer residential units. The City Council finds that replacement <br />housing for projects involving two or fewer units is not feasible due <br />to the high cost of land within the City of Newport Beach, the limited <br />number of substandard housing units that can be rehabilitated and the <br />negligible impact that such conversions or demolitions have on the low <br />and moderate income housing opportunities within the City of Newport <br />Beach. <br />I <br />GENERAL RULES <br />1. Exempt Projects <br />This policy shall not apply to the following projects: <br />a. Projects not located within the Coastal Zone as estab- <br />lished pursuant to the Coastal Act of 1976 and as sub- <br />sequently amended; <br />b• The conversion or demolition of a residential structure <br />on any single parcel which contains two or fewer resi- <br />dential units; <br />c. The conversion or demolition of a residential structure <br />for purposes of a non - residential use which is either <br />coastally dependent" or "coastally related" as those <br />terms are defined in the Coastal Act of 1976, as amended, <br />and which non - residential use is consistent with the app - <br />licable local Coastal Plan designation;