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P -1 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION <br />OF THE PROVISIONS OF STATE LAW RELATIVE TO <br />LOW AND MODERATE INCOME HOUSING WITHIN THE COASTAL ZONE - Page 2 <br />c. The conversion or demolition of a residential <br />structure for purposes of a non- residential use <br />which is either "coastally dependent" or "coastally <br />related" as those terms are defined in the Coastal <br />Act of 1976, as amended, acid which non - residential <br />use is consistent with the applicable local Coastal <br />Plan designation; <br />d. Demolition of any structure which has been declared <br />to be or constitutes a;public nuisance, pursuant to <br />the provisions of Divi.bion 13 of the Health & Safety <br />Code of the State of ¢alifornia or any Ordinance of <br />the City enacted pur nt thereto. <br />II <br />For the purposes of this <br />terms shall be defined as follows: <br />1. "Conversion" shall m <br />ship of any resident <br />limited to, a change <br />stock cooperative, c <br />timeshare or similar <br />right to occupy the <br />or lease agreement, <br />the purchase of the <br />structure during a p <br />period of years, or <br />residential use to a <br />the following words and <br />any change in the form of owner- <br />structure, including, but not <br />ownership to a condominium, <br />erative, community apartment, <br />rm of ownership, such that the <br />ucture is not based upon a rental <br />tten or oral, rather, based upon <br />ht to occupy some or all of the <br />ion or all of the year, or for a <br />perpetuity, or any change from a <br />n- residential use; <br />2. "Demolition" shall n the destruction or tearing down <br />of a residential stru ture which has been found feasible <br />for retention pursuan to Section 30612 of the Public <br />Resources Code; <br />i' <br />3. "Feasible" means capable of being accomplished in a <br />successful manner within a reasonable period of time, <br />taking into account economic, environmental, social and <br />technical factors; <br />4. "Replacement Unit" shall mean a residential structure <br />suitable, in terms of size and other characteristics for <br />occupancy by the same number of low or moderate income <br />persons that occupied the converted or demolished unit. <br />Ili <br />i