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P -1 <br />ADMINISTRATIVE GUIDELINES FOR THE IMPLEMENTATION <br />OF THE PROVISIONS OF STATE LAW RELATIVE TO <br />LOW AND MODERATE INCOME HOUSING WITHIN THE COASTAL ZONE - Page 3 <br />5. "Persons and Families of Low or Moderate Income" shall <br />be defined as set forth in §50093 of the California <br />Health and Safety Code. <br />6. "Affordable Units" shall be defined as those housing <br />units affordable by persons.and families of low or <br />moderate income. <br />7. Family" shall be defined as persons related by blood, <br />marriage, formal adoption or those persons living to- <br />gether by virtue of economic, social and psychological <br />bonds; <br />S. New Housing Development" shall ba defined to mean the <br />construction, of three or more residential units on: <br />1) Previously vacant land; 2) Land previously occupied <br />by two or less residential u ts; or 3) Land previously <br />occupied by two or less mob a homes. <br />9. Planning Director" shall include the Planning Director <br />of the City and all employees of the Planning Department <br />to whom the Planning Department has delegated, orally or <br />in writing, the performdnce of duties required by these <br />Guidelines. <br />Jā€¢ <br />10. Developer" shall mean the person or entity that, at the <br />time of the issuance`of any permit required or authorized <br />by these Guidelinerr; is the beneficial owner of the <br />property that is the subject of the permit. <br />r 111 <br />The procedures for processing requests for the approval of <br />the conversion or demolition of residential structures located within <br />the Coastal Zone shall be as follows: <br />1. Applicatilon for the approval of the conversion or demolition <br />of residential structures located within the Coastal Zone shall be made <br />by the Developer to tWe Planning Department on a form provided by that <br />Department. The Developer shall provide the following information: <br />a. The address of the property for which approval <br />is sought;