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Local Coastal Program Implementation Plan <br />November 10, 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />associated with LCP administration will be addressed in the Discussion section of this <br />report. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Introduction <br />Pursuant to the California Coastal Act of 1976 (Coastal Act), each local government <br />lying, in whole or in part, within the coastal zone is required to prepare an LCP for that <br />portion of the coastal zone within its jurisdiction. In addition, Senate Bill 516 (Chapter <br />11, Statutes of 2001) requires the City to submit an LCP to the Coastal Commission for <br />approval and certification. Senate Bill 516 allowed the County of Orange to continue to <br />exercise coastal development permit review authority in Newport Coast through its <br />certified LCP after this area was annexed to the City. <br />An LCP consists of a land use plan and an implementation plan. A land use plan <br />indicates the types, location, and intensity of land uses, and the applicable resource <br />protection and development policies. The implementation plan consists of the zoning <br />regulations, maps, and other legal instruments necessary to implement the land use <br />plan. The first part of the LCP, the CLUP, was certified in 2005 and a major update was <br />certified in 2009. <br />After an LCP is adopted locally, the LCP must be certified by the California Coastal <br />Commission (Coastal Commission). <br />LCP Implementation Plan <br />The Planning Division prepared the draft LCP Implementation Plan (Draft IP) under the <br />direction of the City's General Plan/Local Coastal Program Implementation Committee <br />(Attachment B). <br />The Draft IP uses the organization and terminology of the Zoning Code. In addition to <br />land use and property development regulations, the Draft IP incorporates other existing <br />Municipal Code regulations (i.e., water quality, landscaping, subdivisions, and harbor <br />operations) needed to implement Coastal Act and CLUP policies. The Draft IP also <br />contains new regulations and procedures on public access, resource protection, and <br />administration. <br />15-2 <br />