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til <br />- <br />\ <br />-oa <br />Newpoo* <br />Shore / <br />Y <br />This map has been prepared to show where the <br />California Coastal Commission retains post-LCP <br />certification permit and appeal jurisdiction pursuant <br />to P.R.C. §30519(b), and §30603(a)1 and (a)2. <br />30613. (a) The provisions of subdivision (b) of <br />Section 30519, subdivision (b) of Section 30600, <br />and subdivision (b) of Section30610.5, which <br />apply to lands subject to the public trust shall not <br />apply to any lands which may be subject to the <br />public trust but which the commission, after <br />consultation with the State Lands Commission, <br />determines are (1) filled and developed and <br />are (2) located within an area which is committed <br />to urban uses. <br />In addition, developments may also be appealable <br />pursuant to P.R.C. §30603(a)(3), (a)(4) and (a)(5). <br />If questions arise concerning the precise location <br />of the boundary of any area defined in the above <br />sections, the matter should be referred to the City <br />of Newport Beach Community Development <br />Department and/or the Executive Director of the <br />Coastal Commission for clarification and information. <br />This map may be updated and may not include all <br />lands where post-LCP certification permit and appe� <br />jurisdiction is retained by the Coastal Commission. <br />%i <br />r <br />r.,4r <br />City of Newport Beach (West Newport Area) <br />Document Name: LCP2015_appeal—permit_West Newport_October2015 November 2015 <br />1 <br />i <br />'N <br />W 'I• <br />In some areas parcels are bisected by <br />the appeal jurisdiction boundary. All <br />development proposed within the appealable <br />area is subject to the Coastal Commission's <br />jurisdiction. In addition, if a development is <br />proposed partly on the portion of the parcel that <br />forms the basis for geographic appeal <br />jurisdiction, and partly on the remainder <br />of the parcel and the Coastal Commission decide <br />to hear the appeal, then the Coastal Commission <br />reviews the action of the City of Newport Beach <br />(§30603(a)), which encompasses all the <br />development that was authorized in the permit. <br />In addition to these geographic areas of appeal <br />jurisdiction, the following types of development <br />are appealable throughout the coastal zone <br />pursuant to P.R.C. §30603 (a)(4) and (a)(5): <br />1. Any development approved by a county <br />that is not designated as a principal permitted <br />use under zoning approved pursuant to the <br />applicable LCP; <br />2. Any development that constitutes a major <br />public works project or a major energy facility. <br />ca <br />G� <br />P� <br />oP <br />P / \ <br />WE <br />yam[, <br />�J <br />Post -Local Coastal Program <br />Implementation Plan <br />Approximate Boundaries of Perm <br />Jurisdiction and Appeal Areas <br />Map 1 of 3 <br />Revision Date: 08/27/2015 <br />0-1412 <br />Permit Jurisdiction Land <br />CZ Permit Jurisdiction Water <br />This area includes submerged lands below the <br />mean high tide line or lands where the public trust <br />may exist. <br />;� I Appeal Jurisdiction <br />This area includes lands between the sea and <br />the designated first public road paralleling the <br />sea or 300' from the inland extent of any beach <br />or of the mean high tide line if there is no beach, <br />whichever is the greater distance. Also included <br />are lands within 100' of streams and wetlands <br />and lands within 300' of the top of the seaward <br />face of any coastal bluff. <br />Legend <br />Local Coastal Zone Boundary <br />— City Boundary <br />Blue Line Stream <br />Defined Extent for Appeal Area <br />First Public Road <br />300 ft From Beach <br />300 ft From MHTL <br />(Mean High Tide Line) <br />- 100 ft From Stream <br />- - - 100 ft From Wetland <br />' 300 ft From Bluff Edge <br />KEY MAP <br />city or <br />Costa Mesa <br />�' City of Irvine <br />L <br />Pacific Ocean... <br />City of <br />Laguna Beach <br />2,000 <br />Feet <br />N <br />