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Animal Sheltering Services <br />November 24, 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />inviting proposals for animal sheltering services. After posting on the City's website and <br />sending the RFP to 31 animal shelters and veterinary practices in Orange County, four <br />responses were received. The respondents included Back Bay Veterinary, Dover <br />Shores Pet Care Center (who decided to submit another proposal), Orange County <br />Animal Care, and Orange County Humane Society. In accordance with the City's RFP <br />evaluation procedures, a review board convened to evaluate and rank the proposals. <br />Based on the evaluation process, the City Council entered into a five-year contract with <br />the Orange County Humane Society (OCHS) in Huntington Beach in April 2011. <br />Since that time, staff has attempted to work with OCHS to insure that the animals at the <br />facility are properly cared for until the owner can retrieve the animal or the animal is <br />adopted. <br />Over the last several years, the following issues continue to occur after staff has <br />requested that the situations be resolved: <br />• Animal cages are hosed down to clean the cages and leaving the animals wet for <br />several days instead or removing the animal and cleaning the cage. <br />• Some of the animals are housed in a building with no ventilation or sunlight. <br />• Thirty-one (31) of sixty-two (62) drains in the kennel runs have covers that are <br />missing, which could result in an animal with a sprained or broken leg. <br />• Cat cages are not scrubbed down regularly, resulting in conditions that breed <br />disease. <br />• There is no proper quarantine area for sick cats. <br />• Food and water bowls not regularly cleaned. <br />• OCHS is marking up drugs by 300%. <br />• Voice mailbox is full and residents cannot leave a message to find their animals. <br />• Animal control receives citizen complaints on cleanliness of facility. <br />The Police Department issued a notice of default on September 30, 2015 (Attachment <br />B). The response on October 1, 2015 from OCHS was deemed inadequate (Attachment <br />C). In addition, the City's Finance Department has begun a compliance audit of the <br />operation per Section 20 of the contract. A draft report has been prepared with a <br />number of irregularities identified with the accounting of revenue received through this <br />contract. <br />Given the non -response by OCHS to verbal requests for correction of defaults, it is <br />recommended that the City consider an alternative site for shelter services as soon as <br />possible. <br />DISCUSSION: <br />Animal Shelter Ootions <br />15-2 <br />