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Cooperative Agreement with the County of Orange for <br />Mooring Management Services in Newport Harbor <br />November 24, 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />The purpose of the mooring management services agreement is to establish and define <br />the responsibilities of the City and a mooring management services provider for the <br />mooring of vessels over City Tidelands. Currently, the City permits approximately 1,229 <br />public moorings (consisting of 439 onshore moorings and 790 offshore moorings) with <br />the County permitting approximately twenty-five (25) offshore moorings over County <br />Tidelands. On February 21, 1989, the City and County entered into a Joint Powers <br />Agreement for mooring management services to be performed by the County Harbor <br />Patrol. This agreement was amended several times until it expired on December 31, <br />2008, when the rate was approximately $110,000 per year. In 2009, the agreement was <br />extended through that calendar year for $110,000 per year. However, in mid -2009, the <br />County submitted a proposal for a new five-year contract for $264,000 per year, <br />representing an increase of $154,000 per year. Because of this significant increase in <br />cost, the City determined it should explore the market for mooring management <br />services and solicited proposals from both private and public entities. Ultimately, the <br />City Council decided to enter into a new cooperative agreement with the County again, <br />although their rates were higher than other entities. <br />The 2010 Cooperative Agreement (5 -year term) expired in June 2015. This agreement <br />is renewable for up to twenty (20) years for terms of no more than five (5) years each by <br />mutual agreement. The County's charges to the City for the previous five (5) years have <br />been: <br />FY 2010-11 $180,000 <br />FY 2011-12 $207,500 <br />FY 2012-13 $235,000 <br />FY 2013-14 $262,500 <br />FY 2014-15 $290,000 <br />On April 17, 2015, the County submitted a proposal for the next 5 -year amendment. <br />After reviewing the proposal and costs, staff requested the County review their proposal <br />and associated cost and resubmit with an emphasis on price reduction. On May 15, <br />2015, the County submitted a revised proposed fee schedule. <br />24-2 <br />April 17, 2015 <br />Proposal No. 1 <br />May 15, 2015 <br />Proposal 2 <br />FY 2015-16 <br />$375,330 <br />$316,100 <br />FY 2016-17 <br />$387,100 <br />$336,647 <br />FY 2017-18 <br />$398,507 <br />$358,529 <br />FY 2018-19 <br />$409,414 <br />$381,833 <br />FY 2019-20 <br />$419,414 <br />$404,622 <br />24-2 <br />