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Landscape Maintenance Agreement for Parks and Facilities <br />November 24, 2015 <br />Page 2 <br />landscape maintenance of parks and facilities, except for those located in Newport <br />Coast and certain other areas maintained by City landscape crews. <br />In 2013, the City awarded an agreement to Pinnacle Landscape Company for the <br />landscape maintenance of parks and facilities. The agreement had a five-year term and <br />is scheduled to end on August 31, 2018. On August 14, 2015, Pinnacle requested the <br />cancellation of the agreement, citing that the increased costs for minimum wage and <br />other expenses made it no longer viable for them to continue business at the current <br />pricing. Pinnacle provided information identifying their operating losses, and has <br />agreed to continue to maintain the areas until December 31, 2015. <br />Following the request from Pinnacle, staff from the Finance and Municipal Operations <br />Departments distributed a Request for Proposals (RFP) to companies that perform <br />landscape services. The RFP required that proposing firms supply costs and a work <br />plan for the maintenance of over 250 acres of landscape in the City and required a <br />minimum staffing level of 27 employees dedicated to the contract. The minimum <br />manpower requirement is included in both landscape agreements and serves to ensure <br />that the selected contractor has a sufficient number of personnel to adequately perform <br />the required work on a daily basis. It is a mandatory staffing requirement, and any staff <br />shortages are required to be reported to the City contract administrator on a daily basis. <br />The proposed agreement includes an increase of three contract personnel from the <br />current staffing level. This agreement also includes approximately 20 acres of <br />additional landscape currently maintained by City staff; the loss of three limited term <br />employees from the Refuse Division outsourcing requires this shift to contract services. <br />This also meets the department goal of shifting more landscape maintenance to <br />contract services as positions in the Parks Division become vacant. <br />A mandatory pre -proposal meeting was attended by seven firms, and the City received <br />three proposals by the October 21, 2015, closing date. The proposals were evaluated <br />by City staff on the basis of qualifications, work experience and cost, with qualifications <br />and experience being weighted 50% and cost 50%. The results were as follows: <br />26-2 <br />