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venture is in Newport Shores. Basically, it's a plan by two well-regarded partners (Community Development <br />Partners and Mercy House) that would rehab an existing 12 -unit apartment complex near Cappy's. Seven of the <br />units would be for veterans. I will butt in a bit here — I have known the folks at Mercy House for over 20 years. They <br />are terrific service providers, and they know how to run a good home and to make it work for the community. There <br />is no other manager I would want operating that complex if I lived nearby. Another bit of opinion: The City has an <br />obligation under state law to address affordable housing needs locally. Our Housing Element to our General Plan <br />calls out our various approaches, and it involves locations all over town and a variety of solutions. This is a small <br />solution using an existing apartment building. All across the county, cities are trying a bit harder to satisfy <br />challenging housing needs through methods like these. <br />• As the economy has gotten stronger and as wages are going up, our current landscape maintenance contractor <br />notified us that it can no longer honor the terms of their agreement with us (for many parks, parkways, medians, <br />and more). As such, we had to go out to an RFP again. The contract is proposed to go to Mariposa Landscapes at <br />$1.67M a year. <br />• A proposal to complete an audit of the Civic Center project is suggested at $613K with an award to RW Block <br />Consulting. <br />If you are so inclined, please weigh in on any of these issues by contacting the entire City Council with one email address <br />— that's They appreciate hearing from you, especially about any agenda item. <br />Some notes: <br />• We've placed our updated Coyote Management Plan up on the City's website. Please review it if you are interested <br />in the subject. Comments are always welcomed, but it would be nice to have them on or before December 1, 2015 <br />in case we wish to make adjustments to the Plan. That link is <br />here:✓s/4526/2720. <br />• You will note in local media that Newport Beach Police Chief Jay Johnson has announced that he will retire. I have <br />known about this for a bit, and tried several times to talk him out of it (I am sure I just sounded like a Peanuts <br />adult). Chief Johnson has been a large part of our community's success in reducing crime and improving our quality <br />of life, including helping to provide a better balance on the Peninsula and in West Newport between visitor impacts <br />and our residents' needs. Thankfully, the NBPD is a very strong department with some great leadership and terrific <br />rank -and -file that will remain as Jay transitions to retirement. I will miss Chief Johnson a great deal but wish him and <br />his family all the best. <br />• Remember that Marina Park's grand opening is Saturday, December 5 starting at 10:00 a.m. Come on down for <br />food from the new Lighthouse Cafe, tours, recreation class demonstrations, a band, bounce -houses, and even SUPs, <br />kayaks, and sailing. We'll also have the ceremonial and fully -clothed jump into the new marina, which I'm told is a <br />longstanding and traditional obligation for the city manager who worked on the project. Um, I'm told. Though I've <br />never actually seen this happen. But I'm sure my staff wouldn't lie to me. Hmmm. <br />• 1 wish you a great Thanksgiving weekend, and hope that your travels (if any — lucky you if you can stay close by) and <br />those of your family members are safe. City Hall and most city facilities will be closed Thursday and Friday of next <br />week. Libraries close at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday the 25th-, and will reopen for normal hours on Saturday the 28th <br />• We're approaching King Tide time, and one of them will be with us over Thanksgiving. However, it looks like there <br />won't be a storm with it, so our contingency plan to sandbag some of the sea walls along Balboa Island (such as the <br />north side) will not be activated at least until the next King Tide (nearer to Christmas). <br />As always, thanks for reading and have a nice weekend. Please feel free to forward this e-mail to family, friends and <br />members of your HOA if you represent one. I always like hearing from you, too, so please don't hesitate to ask a <br />question or offer a comment. <br />Sincerely, <br />Dave Kiff <br />City Manager <br /> <br />2 <br />