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January 12, 2016 <br />Insider's Guide <br />From: Kiff, Dave <br />Sent: Thursday, January 07, 2016 4:42 PM <br />Subject: Insider's Guide - Tuesday, January 12, 2016 <br />It's a new year (hope you had a happy one!) and the folk (singular, not plural) behind the Insider's Guide wondered if the <br />Guide should get a brand-new look for a brand-new year! What fun! He wondered for a few days, in fact. But <br />concluded "nah, this is an old dog and that's a new trick." And there are no snacks to incentivize the new trick - <br />learning. By the way, treats are the only way I can get my dogs Moby and Oscar to do anything besides spread chew -toy <br />stuffing everywhere in the house. TMI. <br />So, here's what may be of interest to you on the Newport Beach City Council meeting of Tuesday, January 12`n, <br />2016. Meeting information and a link to the full Council agenda is at the end of this e-mail. <br />This is the City Council's first formal meeting of 2016, and Mayor Diane Dixon has the gavel. Mayor pro Tem Kevin <br />Muldoon is in the second -in -charge spot. <br />We do have a study session for the first time in a while — it starts at 3:30 p.m., a little earlier than usual. The Study <br />Session items include: <br />A fun presentation to the young Mr. Aaron Clark, who earned the award of 2015 Jr. Lifeguard of the Year. Aaron is <br />one of three Clark family JGs, and the son of one of our longtime MOD workers, Kenny Clark (folks will know KC from <br />KC's old trash route). But Aaron earned this one all by himself. <br />A discussion about a new funding program to convert the rest of the community's 3,200 or so streetlights to <br />LEDs. We think it's a no-brainer in terms of savings and the efficiency of the lights. They do have a slightly different <br />(but very white) hue to the lights than the current ones. You can see some of the LEDs already up on Irvine Ave and <br />Bayside Ave (to tell if one's an LED, look for the flatter bulb area of the light standard — less cobra -head, more flat). <br />A review of Most All Things Towing. Well, really all things police towing. Where the PD directs a private -sector firm <br />to tow a car that's either been in an accident, involved in a crime, or parked in the wrong place (after proper <br />posting, of course). This is not about private or Auto Club towing. Anyway, the issue is what firms are awarded the <br />contract to tow here, and what fees are charged to do so. According to our data, a vast majority of our PD tows are <br />cars not owned by Newport residents. So you may not care much about this. That was 2 minutes of less relevant <br />reading you can't have back, though. <br />Regular session (7:00 p.m.) items that jumped out at me look like this: <br />• Voting and approval or disapproval of three Assessment Districts comes to the Council. If you live in proposed AD <br />#111 (Balboa Peninsula near 31" to 23rd), AD #116 (also on the Peninsula but further into West Newport (38th, River, <br />44th), or AD #116B (near 116, but Neptune/Channel/471h area), then you've been following this. The opening of the <br />public hearing on all three ADs is expected to occur shortly after 7:00 p.m., to allow folks to speak and to vote/drop <br />off ballots. When the public hearing is closed, then the City Clerk goes off and tabulates the count (folks can observe <br />this in public) with the hope that the count comes back by the close of the evening's meeting (we might have to <br />speak .... very ..... slowly..... for the remaining agenda items. After the count, the districts are either formed or <br />abandoned. <br />• New labor agreements (four of them!) are proposed for two of our larger non -Public Safety unions as well as for <br />rank -and -file fire personnel and for our Fire Battalion Chiefs. <br />• We completed the work to replenish sand in the Grand Canal, and that item comes back for final notice that it's <br />complete. If it survived this week's waves, it should last a while longer. <br />• Following Council encouragement, the members of the Arts Commission will be allowed to seek out private funds <br />and support for art installations and arts programming. <br />