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City of Newport Beach <br /> Study Session and Regular Meeting <br /> January 12, 2016 <br /> Alex Mohamed, Southside Towing, reported that staff expressed that they did not fit the <br /> criteria because of the size of their property and noted that the MetroPro Towing property is <br /> 1,000 square feet smaller than their property and should be allowed to also have an overflow <br /> yard, which would put them over the standard requirements. He expressed concern that they <br /> were not able to present extra services they could provide to the City, such as street sweeping <br /> to clean up after major accidents. Additionally, he reported that they build their own trucks <br /> and would be able to absorb related costs. Further, they have a water clarifier which would <br /> stop toxins from flowing into the storm drains. He reported that they only service CHP and <br /> the Orange County Sheriff's Department so they only use approximately 1110th of their <br /> facility. In addition, they are able to handle administration and collection of fees. <br /> Joey Campbell, MetroPro Towing, commented on the contract structure and on the length of <br /> the RFP process. <br /> Wayne Miller, G&W Towing, spoke in support of staffs recommendations and expressed <br /> concerns regarding the reduced volume of towing demand. <br /> Council Member Curry commended the Police Department for their analysis and agreed with <br /> staff's recommendations. He added that in 10-years, he has received no complaints regarding <br /> the City's towing services. <br /> In response to Council Member Peotter's questions, Assistant to the City Manager Houston <br /> noted that direct electronic submittal may be possible and that no parking ticket revenue <br /> collection was factored into the recommended contracts. City Manager Kiff indicated that <br /> revenue from parking enforcement would not be associated with towing and the associated <br /> revenue. That revenue is accounted for in another fund and parking ticket revenue would be <br /> collected whether or not the vehicle was towed. <br /> Sergeant Johnson responded to Council Member Peotter's questions regarding evaluation of <br /> the towing sites, property sizes, and indoor storage versus outside storage. She added that <br /> greater consideration is given to indoor storage as vehicles involved in crimes need to be stored <br /> indoors and may be stored for many years. She reiterated information regarding the <br /> evaluation criteria used. <br /> Council Member Peotter indicated he would like to see the RFP restored, based on available <br /> square footage rather than total square footage. <br /> Council Member Curry believed that there is no need recirculate the RFP again or manipulate <br /> the scoring so political friends win. He added that staff did a very comprehensive, methodical <br /> job, and recommended moving forward with the matter. <br /> Mayor Dixon asked regarding the possibility of verifying square footage. Sergeant Johnson <br /> noted that would be possible, but added that MetroPro Towing already has an agreement with <br /> G&W Towing to make up differences in square footage. <br /> City Manager Kiff indicated that he is seeking direction as to whether or not to bring <br /> recommendations for approval of the top-ranked providers. Mayor Dixon responded <br /> affirmatively. <br /> SS4. LED Streetlights <br /> Municipal Operations Co-Director Murdoch provided a PowerPoint presentation to address <br /> energy efficiency in the City. He introduced Rebecca Houser with the Energy Network and <br /> Volume 62 -Page 527 <br />