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M <br />GJ <br />Agreement No. OCP <br />i� Newport Harbor Mooring Management <br />v <br />COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT BETWEEN <br />COUNTY OF ORANGE AND CITY OF NEWPORT BEACH <br />FOR MOORING MANAGEMENT SERVICES <br />IN NEWPORT HARBOR <br />THIS COOPERATIVE AGREEMENT ("Agreement"), is made and entered into as <br />of this first day of January, 2016 ("Effective Date"), by and between the County of <br />Orange, a political subdivision of the State of California ("County") and the City of <br />Newport Beach, a California municipal corporation and charter city ("City'). The County <br />and City may individually be referred to herein as a "Party' or collectively as the <br />"Parties." <br />RECITALS <br />A. Since the early 1980's, City and County have entered into a series of agreements <br />("Joint Powers Agreements") for mooring administration in Newport Harbor. <br />B. The purpose of the Joint Powers Agreements was to establish and define the <br />obligations of City and County in conjunction with the anchorage and mooring of <br />vessels on City and County tidelands in Newport Harbor ("Mooring Management <br />Services"). <br />C. City issued a Request for Proposals in October 2009 to seek the most cost <br />effective and efficient Mooring Management Services, for which County <br />responded with an offer to enter into a cooperative agreement. <br />D. Through Agreement No. OCP10-010, dated June 29, 2010, County and City <br />entered into a cooperative agreement for Mooring Management Services in <br />Newport Harbor and to work cooperatively to identify service enhancements and <br />efficiencies in the management of moorings in Newport Harbor ("Services"). <br />E. Agreement No. OCP10-010 was amended in July 2015 to extend the term of the <br />Agreement to December 31, 2015 and to reflect additional compensation as a <br />result of the term extension. <br />F. City issued a Request for Proposals in July of 2015 to seek proposals from <br />qualified proposers interested in providing the City with Mooring Management <br />Services, after the expiration of Agreement No. OCP10-010, for which County <br />submitted a response. <br />County of Orange Cooperative Agreement for Mooring Management Services Page 1 <br />