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M A R 1 P 0 5 A <br />L A N D S C A P E S I N C <br />June 6, 2018 <br />Mr. Dan Sereno — Landscape Manager <br />City of Newport Beach <br />100 Civic Center Drive P.O. Box 1768 <br />City of Newport beach, CA 92660 <br />Phone 949-644-3069 Fax 949-650-0747 <br />RE: 2019 landscape Maintenance contract extension. <br />Please consider this document as Mariposa Landscapes Inc., acceptance of the Landscape <br />Contract extension for the year 2019 per current Agreement with Mariposa Landscapes, Inc. for <br />Landscape Services for Parks and Facilities, Section 4 Compensation to Contractor, Subsection <br />4.2 <br />"The maximum adjustment increase to the Billing Rates, for any year where an adjustment is <br />made pursuant to this Section, shall not exceed the Consumer Price Index or 2.0% of the Billing <br />Rates in effect immediately preceding such adjustment, whichever is less". <br />I would like to take this opportunity-ta <br />allowing us to provide professional landscape maintenance services to the residents of Newport <br />Beach. We look forward to a successful business relationship for many years to come. <br />Respectfully su <br />Michael Williams — Landscape Maintenance Area Manager <br />Mariposa Landscapes, Inc. <br /> <br />626-347-6238 cell (626) 960-8477 fax <br />VI <br />TEL 5300 • 794 • 9458 0 FAx E26 • 960 • 8477 a www.mariposa-ca,com <br />6232 Santos Diaz Sl, Irwhiciale., CA 91702 CA CONI'RAC'r'OH'S LIC # 592268 A, C-27, D-49 <br />Our Core Values — Safety • Teamwork • Quality • Integrithl <br />