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EDISON <br />INTERNATIONAL' <br />July 22, 2015 <br />City of Newport Beach <br />Mike Sinacod <br />Subject: Updated Rough Order of Magnitude Cost Estimate <br />Rule 206 Assessment District, City of Newport Beach AD 116 <br />Mike, <br />SCE has re -reviewed the proposed AD 116 Underground District boundaries and finds that the boundary is <br />operationally acceptable for undergrounding the existing overhead distribution facilities. SCE has also <br />prepared a rough order of magnitude (ROM) for the undergrounding of the existing overhead facilities <br />within the new proposed district supplied by the City of Newport Beach. The ROM for this project was <br />prepared without the benefit of any engineering information and therefore, It has an expected accuracy of <br />plus or minus of 40%. The ROM cost of $850,000 may be supplied to the UUAD petitioners for the <br />purpose of determining project feasibility. <br />A cost per foot of $300/ft. was used based on current Rule 20B assessment district construction cost data <br />for projects of similar size and scope. The estimate trench footage for the project is 2,830' and includes all <br />mainline trenching, and street crossings. <br />The ROM estimate is based on the following assumptions: <br />• The existing wood pole mounted streetlights located within the boundary will be replaced in the <br />same vicinity with underground fed Marblelite streetlights standards. <br />• If the city elects to add any streetlights the city would be required to supply the following; <br />o Approved Streetlight Plans Signed by an Engineer <br />o Locations of Streetlights <br />o Head Size <br />o Mast Arm Size <br />• Customer duct from property line to service panel and service panel conversions are not included <br />in the estimate. <br />• Construction will be performed during normal working hours. <br />• All necessary permits to be issued by the city shall be issued on a no fee basis. <br />• The estimate assumes the continued cooperation from property owners, tenants, other joint <br />utilities, and the city. <br />Thanks you, and should you have any question please feel free to call me at 909-844-3466. <br />Ve y� <br />Todd Pearce <br />Southern California Edison <br />Rule 20A Project Management <br />CC. Tony Mathis SCE <br />Talisa Lee SCE <br />Jenelle Bader SCE <br />