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2013-1 - Amend Ch. 3.36 and Title 17 of the Municipal Code Relating to Commercial and Noncommercial Tidelands Uses[Icon] 15
2013-10 - Amending Chapter 15.45.080 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code Relating to the Periodic Review of Development Agreements ‎(PA2013-082)‎[Icon] 4
2013-11 - Adding Amending and Repealing Various Provisions of the Municipal Code[Icon] 69
2013-12 - Repealing Ordinance No. 95-50 and Ordinance No. 97-37 and Disestablishing the Marine Avenue Business Improvement District[Icon] 4
2013-13 - Repealing Ordinance No. 95-4 and Ordinance No. 98-4 and Disestablishing the Central Balboa Business Improvement District aka the Balboa Village Business Improvement District[Icon] 4
2013-14 - Repealing Ordinance No. 2001-25 and Amending the Harbor Commission's Purpose and Responsibilities[Icon] 6
2013-15 - Amending Section 17.60.060 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code to Require Commerical Tidelands Users to Defend and Indemnify the City of Newport Beach[Icon] 5
2013-16 - Adding Chapter 10.68 to The Newport Beach Municipal Code Pertaining to Targeted Residential Picketing[Icon] 6
2013-17 - Approving an Amendment to Title 19 of the Municipal Code ‎(Subdivisions)‎ to Revise Findings Required for Mergers of Contiguous Lots[Icon] 4
2013-18 - Amending Section 3.36.030 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code[Icon] 8
2013-19 - Amending Newport Beach Municipal Code Sections 5.04.210 and 12.68.040[Icon] 4
2013-2 - Granting Non-Exclusive Solid Waste Franchise to Ecology Auto Parts, Inc.[Icon] 26
2013-20 - Amending Section 12.68.060 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code to Establish a Residential Parking Permit Program for Aralia Street[Icon] 4
2013-21 - Adopting Zoning Code Amendment No. CA2013-005 Amending Section 20.90.060 ‎(Residential Equestrian District: SP-7 ‎(REQ)‎)‎ Removing Annual Use Permits for the Keeping of Three to Six Horses in the Req ‎(Residential Equestrian)‎ District of the SP-7[Icon] 7
2013-22 - Establishing a Penalty Amnesty Program to Forgive Businesses that Pay Certain Delinquent Assessments for the Corona Del Mar Business Improvment District from Liability for Penalties[Icon] 6
2013-23 - Approving Zoning Code Amendment No. CA2012-008 for the Lido VIllas Project Located at 3303 and 3355 Via Lido ‎(PA2012-146[Icon] 23
2013-24 - Amending Title 15 Of The Newport Beach Municipal Code To Adopt Amendments To Chapter 1 Division Ii Of The 2013 California Building Code Designated As The Newport Beach Administrative Code; To Adopt The 2012 International Property Maintenance Cod[Icon] 41
2013-25 - Amending Title 9 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code to Adopt the 2013 Califonria Fire Code ‎(Title 24, Part 9 of the California Code of Regulations)‎ with Local Amendments as the Newport Beach Fire Code[Icon] 24
2013-26 - Granting a Non-Exclusive Commercial Solid Waste Franchise to G.O. Rodriguez Trucking, Inc., a California Corporation, to Provide Solid Waste Collection Services Upon the City Streets and Within the City of Newport Beach[Icon] 26
2013-27 - Amending Chapter 17.60 and Subsection 17.35.020‎(B)‎‎(2)‎ of the Newport Beach Municipal Code Regarding Residential and Commerical Piers Located Upon Tidelands[Icon] 6
2013-28 - Repealing Chapter 19.54 ‎(Inclusionary Housing)‎ of Title 19 of the Newport Beach Municipal Code[Icon] 4
2013-29 - Adopting Zoning Code Amendment No. CA2013-006 to Change the Rear Alley Setback from 6 Feet to 0 Feet for Six Properties on Miramar Drive ‎(PA2013-211)‎ ‎(2)‎[Icon] 6
2013-4 - Adopt Zoning Code Amendment No. CA2012-009 Regarding Single Room Occupancy Residential Hotels and Parking Requirements for Emergency Shelters ‎(PA2012-179)‎[Icon] 8
2013-5 - Planned Community Development - Uptown Newport located at 4311-4321 Jamboree[Icon] 232
2013-6 - Approving Development Agreement DA2012-003 for Uptown Newport located at 4311-4321 Jamboree Road ‎(PA2011-134)‎[Icon] 44
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