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MEDIA RELATIONS <br />Purpose <br />D-1 <br />A continuing responsibility of the City of Newport Beach is to provide timely, accurate <br />and factual information to residents, businesses and visitors. In order to meet that <br />responsibility, the City must work in partnership with the news media. To ensure that <br />the City communicates effectively with media representatives, the following procedures <br />shall be followed and adhered to by all City staff, boards, commissions, and committees. <br />A. Print and Broadcast Media Spokespersons <br />Designated Spokespersons <br />1. The City Manager, City Attorney, Assistant City Manager, Assistant City <br />Attorney, Department Directors, Public Information Manager, Fire or <br />Police Public Information Officers, designated departmental <br />representatives (such as on -duty Watch Commander), or City Manager <br />designee, may handle routine requests from the media that are within their <br />area of expertise. All other employees should refer the reporter to the <br />Department Director, Public Information Office or designated department <br />representative. <br />Potential Controversial Issues <br />2. The City Manager, City Attorney, Assistant City Manager, Assistant City <br />Attorney, and Department Directors may address questions from the media <br />on sensitive issues relating to their area of expertise, including topics that <br />may affect City policy and/or matters that may ultimately result in Council <br />action. <br />B. Release of Information <br />1. Approval <br />News releases shall be prepared and routed to the Public Information Office <br />for review before they are released to the media. The City Manager or <br />Assistant City Manager will have final approval on all news releases except <br />announcements regarding special events and routine activities. <br />Exception. Fire and Police responses to emergencies in the community may <br />be reported directly to the media by a designated department spokesperson <br />with the approval of the Fire or Police Chief or their designee. <br />H <br />