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DIGITAL COMMUNICATION <br />Purpose <br />IM <br />Digital communication tools and channels enable the City of Newport Beach to efficiently <br />inform and engage residents, businesses and visitors. They also enable greater public <br />access to City information and services. Digital communication tools and channels <br />include, but are not limited to, websites, social media platforms, photo and video sharing <br />sites, wikis, blogs, and mobile content. <br />City officials, staff and others who share and receive information on behalf of the City <br />shall use digital communication channels and tools in ways that are professional, <br />consistent and coordinated, maximize transparency and clear communication, maintain <br />the security of the City network, and adhere to all other applicable laws and Council and <br />administrative policies. <br />City Websites <br />The City of Newport Beach websites have been created and maintained for exclusive use <br />by the City in communicating information relevant to the City's mission to the public. <br />The City websites are not public fora for debate or discussion of controversial issues or <br />topics. <br />A. Content <br />The City's websites shall be used to convey timely information about City services, <br />officials, programs, projects and events to the local community and the general <br />public. Content on City websites must be approved, prior to posting, by an <br />authorized member of the City staff. The City exclusively controls the content of <br />all City websites. <br />1. Political Speech Prohibited. <br />No City website will be used to support or oppose a local or statewide ballot <br />measure. No City website will be used to support or oppose any campaign <br />for public office. <br />2. Commercial Speech Prohibited. <br />No City website will contain commercial advertising. A City website, may <br />however, contain a list of sponsors that have supported a City event or <br />program. <br />H <br />